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2011 / 2012 / 2013

A/C & Heating Services

All Star Classic Charity

Operation SnowStorm

​​There are many wonderful charities advocating for childhood cancer, some fighting for a cure while others rally for awareness. Our contribution to such a deserving cause is to establish an organization that offers a very sick child a rare opportunity to experience a miracle, a snowstorm in Houston, Texas. 

Last year we created our first “snowstorm” and the results were overwhelming. It was for a four-year-old girl in Cypress, Texas who suffered from a rare form of childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, which ultimately claimed her life. 

The day that we threw her the snowstorm, she was so full of life. She played, she danced, and she simply forgot for a brief moment that she was ever sick.  We dropped 10,000 pounds of snow in her front yard. The fun lasted the majority of the day and her family was able to invite extended family and friends, as well a photographer that captured some of the last precious moments of her life. Those memories are so dear to those that loved her. 

We are now driven to offer the same experience on a larger scale. Our vision is to give a child a day away from being consumed by sickness, to play and just be a kid.  Operation Snowstorm allows children with terminal cancer the opportunity to experience a snow flake, something so rare and almost miraculous here in Houston.