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Important Tips

From the Owners

​Important Tips the Owners of All Star want all HVAC customers to know:

  1. Check that the gas is on and that your furnace switch is on before calling a service provider
  2. R410A is the new environmentally safe Freon.
  3. If you have a newer R-22 Condenser (outside unit), you can still get an evaporator coil (inside) to match.
  4. Make sure your unit comes on before the technician leaves!
  5. Dirty coils DO have a damaging effect on your unit.
  6. Technicians are supposed to carry a certified technician's license from TDLR or a valid Contractor's license.
  7. A/C's should never need Freon!  It is a sealed system.  If a technician is adding Freon to your system, you have a leak that needs to be repaired.
  8. Your A/C unit will tell you everything you need to know including optimal amount of Freon, and model and serial numbers needed to verify warranty.
  9. Warranty coverage begins on installation date and ANY contractor can complete your warranty work - not just who originally installed the equipment.
  10. Most warranties demand you register your equipment online to get 10 years.  If you do not, it defers back to 5 years.
  11. You can determine if your contractor is licensed and if there are any pending investigations on the TDLR Website.
  12. Ask questions, do your homework and never hesitate to see what the techs are doing!
  13. Ask your A/C company if and how they weigh their Freon when they sell it to you.
  14. Freon should never be released into the atmosphere.  Ask to see the company's recovery machine that is used to capture these gases.  Any reputable company will gladly show you their equipment to provide you with peace of mind.
  15. When considering a service provider, don’t just go on price. Ask how much liability insurance his or her company has to protect your home against unforeseen accidents!