Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off So Early?

Furnace burners

When you run the furnace to heat your house during winter, you can expect it to shut off at times. A furnace runs in cycles where it turns on the gas to the burners, ignites the burners, activates the blower fan, and once it has registered that it’s reached the target temperature on the thermostat, it shuts off the burners and eventually the blower fan. A full heating cycle will last around fifteen minutes or more, depending on how high the thermostat is set.

You may run into a problem with how your furnace cycles: it’s turning off too early. Maybe after less than ten minutes, or even after less than a minute. If you think this is a problem, you’re right, and you might need to call us for furnace repair in Houston, TX. We’ll look into some of the possible causes below, some of which you can remedy yourself with troubleshooting.