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Fall checklist

October is a fun month, with great weather and wonderful holiday celebrations. It’s also the month when we recommend our customers arrange to have their heating maintenance done. We know that doesn’t sound like a “fun” October activity, but it’s not difficult to do and the rewards are immense, both for the immediate future and the long term.

Why Heating Maintenance Is Important

We want to stress that regular annual maintenance for a heating system isn’t an “optional” or “bonus” service. If you want your heating system to work as it’s intended to, you must have annual maintenance. All HVAC contractors recommend this, as does the US Department of Energy. Without these regular inspections and tune-ups, a heating system will start to rapidly decline and age, leading to drops in efficiency, increased malfunctions, a reduced system life, and even potential safety hazards.

How Heating Maintenance Benefits You

We won’t dwell on the negatives, however. We’ll show you how keeping up with heating maintenance every fall will benefit you in savings and comfort.

  • Equipment longevity: A heater can only reach its estimated service life if it has routine maintenance. Skipping maintenance will cause the heater to age faster, and it may end up failing after less than ten years. Replacing a heating system years too early is an expensive situation!
  • Safety: A heater will run at its safest if it has routine inspections from experts who can catch potential dangers before they become dangerous. This is especially true with gas furnaces. You’ll keep your family safer when your heater has gotten the proper attention before winter.
  • Energy savings: The strain on a heating system after winter will cause it to begin to work harder to do its job. This will lead to higher utility bills as the heater declines—in fact, the heater can soon cost 25% more to run than it used to. Maintenance lets a heater retain most of its original energy efficiency throughout its service life.
  • Reduced repair needs: We’re always here to help you with heating repair in Conroe, TX when you need it, but we know you’d much rather not have your heater malfunction in the first place. Maintenance prevents the majority of repairs that a heater will need during its lifetime.
  • Warranty protection: Most heating system warranties require that the heater have proof of regular maintenance to keep it valid.

Join Our Maintenance Plan

We make it easy to have maintenance done around the year with our Ultimate Savings Agreement Maintenance Plan. When you enroll, you’ll not only receive a fall visit to get your heating system in the best shape, you’ll have a spring visit to prepare your air conditioning system for another hot summer.

In addition to twice-annual maintenance for your AC and heater, as a member of the Ultimate Savings Agreement Maintenance Plan you’ll also receive a 10% discount on any repairs (up to $100 off) and priority scheduling so you can jump to the front of the queue when you need service. Contact us today for more information and to sign up.

Contact family-owned All Star A/C & Heating Services: Our integrity is our best, most used tool in our bag.

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