Our Own Ed Newby and Operation Snowstorm Featured on Click2houston

We take pride in helping the community, not only through our work to keep homes cooled and heated, but through programs like Operation Snowstorm. Through this non-profit company run on donations, we “make it snow on child cancer.” We bring a winter wonderland right to the doors of children battling terminal cancer.

We know how to make it snow in Houston because we’re experts when it comes to air conditioning. We use a snow machine that can take 10,000 pounds of bagged ice and turn it into a snowy playground for children and their families. Operation Snowstorm provides gloves, toys, shovels, and sleds to help children make incredible memories that give them hope in their fight against cancer. We let hospitals know about the organization, and the hospitals then share this contact information with families who may want to bring this wintery slice of joy into their lives.

Click2Houston recently featured Operation Snowstorm and our owner, Ed Newby. Ed was recently able to bring a snow day to Aayana Clurksy, who was diagnosed with cancer at age 14. Ayana’s mother, Kelli Francisco, has found support from many places during Aayana’s battle with cancer. Ed was glad to be part of bringing happiness to the family with Operation Snowstorm. “It’s one of those things where we’re not able to do healing, all we can do is provide a little bit of light in a dark situation,” Ed said. “Even if it’s five minutes, it gives me a warming sensation that we’re making a difference.”