All Star A/C & Heating Services and Owner Ed Newby Featured in the Houston Chronicle

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Recently, the Houston Chronicle, the largest newspaper in Houston, did a profile on All Star A/C & Heating Services and Owner Ed Newby. The article features information about Newby, All Star A/C & Heating Services, and the vital nature of our work, specifically the A/C services we’ve provided during Houston’s recent heat wave.

All Star A/C & Heating Services is honored to have our owner, company, and work highlighted in the Houston Chronicle. We hope that the article leads to more people learning about All Star A/C & Heating Services and what we do, because if it does, it could give us the opportunity to connect with more members of our community, especially those who need our help the most.

The Houston Chronicle Highlights All Star A/C & Heating Services and Owner Ed Newby’s Work to Help People During Houston’s Recent Heat Wave

Much of the Houston Chronicle article focuses on what Ed Newby’s workdays have been like since the heat wave started and All Star A/C’s services have been in high demand. This included revealing how Ed starts his workdays at 3 am with paperwork to revealing how he was so tired once that when he went out on a call he accidentally showed up at the wrong house and was greeted by a dog that was less than happy for him to be there.

In addition, Newby explains how during past summers, constantly working in the heat has led to him having to go to the ER for dehydration. Having learned from that, he now makes sure to stay as hydrated as possible while he’s out on calls and he sometimes has an IV station brought into All Star A/C & Heating Services’ headquarters for himself and his employees.

The piece also discusses how every customer who contacts All Star A/C & Heating Services lately is rightfully desperate for help they can trust. Ed Newby mentions that one customer called him panicked because they needed their A/C repaired so that they could get their house cool enough to bring a family member home from hospice.

The article ends with Ed getting home around 9 pm after a long workday that saw him sweat through three shirts. He spends a little time with his wife and sons, cleans up, and goes to bed, so he can get a few hours of sleep before starting all over again at 3 am the next day.

More About All Star A/C & Heating Services

Established in 2010, All Star A/C & Heating Services was born out of the recognition of a void in the Houston market. Eager to fill this gap with unwavering quality and integrity, All Star A/C & Heating Services has consistently upheld high standards in their approach.

Today, All Star A/C & Heating Services stands at the forefront of the industry, leading with integrity, loyalty, and reliability, which are the foundational tenets of our business. We are dedicated to infusing these three tenets into every aspect of our work. To accomplish this, we rely on exceptional employees. Each role within the company undergoes comprehensive training to maximize performance and foster growth.

Our team is finely tuned to deliver superior service, which is something we’ve consistently done for over a decade. This has led to our team receiving numerous reviews from satisfied customers on our website as well as across Angie, Yelp, and Google. We have also won the Better Business Bureau’s Pinnacle Award three times.

For more information about All Star A/C & Heating Services, or if you need help with your air conditioning system, give us a call at (281) 369-4582 or contact us online today.

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