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Ductless Systems Are a Good Alternative to Central Air Conditioning

Monday, September 19th, 2022

When it comes to home cooling, people usually think of central air conditioning systems first. These are the ACs that operate using an outdoor condensing unit that connects to an indoor evaporator and blower fan. The evaporator removes heat from the air, and the blower fan sends the air into the ventilation system that carries the cool air to the rooms. The heat is exhausted outside through the condenser coil in the condenser unit, which also houses the compressors that keeps the whole cycle moving.

This isn’t the only way to have cool comfort spread throughout a house. No, we aren’t talking about sticking bulky window ACs into each room. For older homes that don’t have ductwork, as well as for newer construction homes that would like to bypass ductwork entirely, there are ductless systems that can work as well, if not better, than a conventional central AC.

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