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Reasons Your AC Can’t Keep Up With the Heat

Monday, July 25th, 2022

It’s roasting hot in Houston, and we can expect record-setting heatwaves in the coming weeks. You’ll be glad to have a working AC system in your home now—it can even be a life-saver for some people!

But as the heat ramps up, have you noticed that your AC isn’t doing the job you expect? Is it just the extreme heat, or do you have a faulty air conditioning system? 

The answer is likely the second. ACs are designed to operate in hot conditions, and as long as your air conditioner was accurately installed so it’s the right size for your home, it should be able to lower your home to at least a comfortable 78°F when the heat is above 100°F. If your air conditioning system isn’t doing the job you usually expect from it, it might be because of…

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Do You Need to Install a New AC Before Summer?

Monday, May 16th, 2022

You don’t want to get caught with a failed air conditioning system during the Texas summer heat. One of the best ways to prevent an emergency AC breakdown like this is to arrange for regular maintenance. If you haven’t already called us to schedule this service for your AC, now is a great time.

But no amount of maintenance will keep an air conditioner running forever. Eventually, all ACs wear down to the point where it’s better to have the old system replaced. If you’re wondering if it’s time for you to get a new air conditioning installation in Houston, TX before the summer, this is the blog you need. We’ll look at ways to tell your air conditioner is ready for retirement. 

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