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Ultimate Savings Agreement

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Having a great HVAC system is easy as long as you have the right maintenance. That’s where our All Star A/C & Heating Services professionals step in to help you. We’re known as the best of the best in Houston, TX because we’re experts. Our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system before the cooling season and your heating system before the winter season. We understand the importance of preparation so we treat it with the proper care. If you’re interested in making your maintenance as easy as possible, then we suggest enrolling in our plan.

Our Maintenance Plan

Enjoy peace of mind with our Ultimate Savings Agreement Maintenance Plan. Includes one air conditioning visit and one heater visit.

Air Conditioning visit includes:

  • Check drain lines to ensure proper flow
  • Remove any standing water from drain pans to avoid overflows
  • Inspect ducts for dust, mold or debris
  • Check the refrigerant charge and for any possible leaks
  • Check thermostats and their controls to ensure they are correctly set
  • Check all connections and the electrical system
  • Make sure the fan motor/capacitor is operating correctly
  • Inspect the blowers and blades to maintain proper airflow
  • Check the HVAC cabinet for leaks
  • Make sure the HVAC cabinet door is securely closed
  • Remove any debris from around the unit if it is outdoors
  • Inspect filters

Heater visit includes:

  • Check the ignition burner assembly
  • Carefully inspect heating elements or heat exchanger. If these get damaged, they could lead to problems with carbon monoxide
  • Inspect the flue system and make sure it is securely attached to the furnace.. It’s also essential to check for gas pressure
  • Check drain lines and pans of standing water to prevent overflows
  • Check wiring and electrical connections
  • Check thermostats and controls to ensure they are set at the right temperatures
  • Check draft motor amps inspect for dampers
  • Clean out pressure switch this is a common reason for service calls

Additional perks include:

  • 10% discount on any repairs up to $100 off
  • Priority scheduling

Contact us today to enroll in our maintenance program.